Algarve Pigeon racing & Eyesign.

Team and best individual pigeon results 2013

This was our first season at the new loft location with our new race partners and it was a pretty good one and very enjoyable. The Results below are the best individual bird and what we won as a team in the points for Club, Federation and Combine.

As a Team in the Velocidade (Speed) we were Runners up in the Club  (Silver medal)

As a Team in the General (a mix of Speed, Middle and Long) 3rd place or Bronze medal

Old Birds (individual birds) in the Club Velocidade we won both the Gold and Silver rings.

Old birds (individual) General in the Club our bird won the Silver ring.


Yearlings as a team we took the runners up spot with the Silver medal.

Yearligs in the individual birds our Bird was the Champion taking the Gold Ring

In the Federation our bird was Runner up and took the Silver ring.

In the Federation as a team in the points we took the 5th place prize (a great result with our loft position)

We had some good results this season but my favourite bird (A late bred racing mainly in the yearling races) took these results in 6 races he won 5 prizes (see Below). The bird is called "The Champ" and his parents were put together by Myron Kulik via Eyesign "seeing the parents Eyes from photographs via email"

Nisa Yearlings 175 miles (race 1) 1st club (216 birds) 2nd Federation (683 birds) 2nd Combine (1,897) and including the Old birds in the whole liberation he rcorded the 11th fastest velocity against an incredible 12,513 birds.

Nisa 2  175 miles (Yearlings) his second race. 3rd club (188 birds) 17th Federation (551) birds

Torres Novas  162 miles  (Yearlings) his 3rd race. 1st club (154) birds 39th Federation (580) birds

Guarda 250 miles (Yearlings)  his 4th race. 8th club (123) birds 36th Federation (417) birds.

Sardoal 166 miles (all age race) his 5th race 8th club (276 birds) 58th Federation (1,446) birds.