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2016 Racing season in Lagos and Odiaxere clubs

Posted by kevin spencer on March 28, 2016 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

We started the season slowly in the Velocidade races but we sit close in 3rd place after the first phase of the short races. We have had 2 middle distance races and are in 2nd place in the points there and we just had the first Long race from Benavente at 380 miles and the wind in the face and rain around. It was a real tough race but we did ok and we took 4th and 9th place so the birds did well in their first long race.

I will update the results soon to show all the races. :)

Odiaxere Middle distance results for 2015

Posted by kevin spencer on May 26, 2015 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (0)

These are the final results for 2015 middle distance in the Odiaxere Club.

We are "Os Indomaveis"   :)

Clube Columbófilo Odeaxere


Classificação Geral dos Concorrentes - Meio Fundo 2015 result for middle distance


Soma dos Pontos até à prova: 2015-16 PUEBLA D. RODRIGO

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Posição Nº Concorrente Nome do Concorrente Pontos Meio Fundo


2 53955 LUIS FILIPE CARMO CORREIA 1569  Silver

3 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 1568    Bronze



6 56966 ALMAS GEMEAS 1495



9 55333 AUTO STAND & GARCAO 1368


11 48490 ACADEMIA KEEN & EMIDIO 1313


13 42856 JAMES MACFARLANE 1119

14 55407 ANTONIO & ADRIANO 1115





Clube Columbófilo Odeaxere


Classificação Geral dos Pombos - Meio Fundo or Middle distance result for rings for old birds.


Soma dos Pontos até à prova: 2015-16 PUEBLA D. RODRIGO

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Posição Anilha do Pombo Nº Concorrente Nome do Concorrente Pontos Meio Fundo

1 2391979/12 15429 SERGIO MANUEL JESUS ROSA 633  Gold

2 2512903/12 15429 SERGIO MANUEL JESUS ROSA 558  Silver

3 3119336/13 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 544   Bronze

4 3195736/13 55333 AUTO STAND & GARCAO 537

5 1306961/11 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 516

6 3119354/13 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 507

7 190493/10 53955 LUIS FILIPE CARMO CORREIA 499

8 3119346/13 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 447

9 3195469/13 50961 LUIS MIGUEL GIL MESTRE 430

10 2391157/12 42856 JAMES MACFARLANE 427

Clube Columbófilo Odeaxere   Top 20 young birds.


Classificação Geral dos Borrachos - Middle distance  Rings for young birds against Old birds 2015


Soma dos Pontos até à prova: 2015-16 PUEBLA D. RODRIGO

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Posição Anilha do Pombo Nº Concorrente Nome do Concorrente Pontos Meio Fundo

1 4407295/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 316  Gold

2 4385824/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 281  Silver

3 4009277/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 225 Bronze

4 4385699/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 166

5 4385421/14 47864 SERGIO CARDOSO MARQUES 163

6 4395014/14 31340 ILIDIO JOSE MARQUES RODRIGUES 122

7 4385834/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 113

8 4407292/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 113

9 4368716/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 109

10 4385695/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 104

11 4385339/14 56966 ALMAS GEMEAS 103

12 4469236/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 102

13 4407297/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 86

14 4385821/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 84

15 4385408/14 50961 LUIS MIGUEL GIL MESTRE 72

16 4385836/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 72

17 4385201/14 8850 JOSE ANTONIO GLORIA 70

18 4395021/14 31340 ILIDIO JOSE MARQUES RODRIGUES 69

19 4385847/14 56992 OS INDOMAVEIS 66

20 4395035/14 31340 ILIDIO JOSE MARQUES RODRIGUES 56

23-05-2015 Puebla de don Rodrigo 420 km Meio Fundo.

Posted by kevin spencer on May 24, 2015 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (0)

This was the last middle distance race of the season  and we were in contention for a few prizes like old silver and bronze rings for both birds and teams so we needed one last good result. The birds looked in great shape when they went into the baskets but we only have around 8 or 9 old birds that have been consistantly good and they have had a lot of races.

The race was forcaste to be hot but not too taxing so we risked them one last time for the season, as I feared it was one race too many they came home well enough but 30 mins or more too late for any prizes, fortunately our young birds in the race picked up the pieces and put in decent races so we are waiting untill all the points are added up in both clubs to see how we ended up the season at middle distance.

In the Odiaxere Club  think we have missed the silver medal for the team performance by just 1 lousy point we clawed back a few points in this final race but just fell short but Bronze will still be an acheivement in our first year,  I also think we have a bird that will take the Bronze ring for its individualperformance so thats great again. In the catorgary called Borrachos (thats young birds competing against the older birds) we have won the Gold , Silver and Bronze rings.

We have shown my ex racing partner who has the loft right  next door to ours that he doesnt know it all  like he thinks he does and he has been stuffed in the middle distance by us racing to exactly the same location with around 8 decent old birds and a new team of young birds not a year old yet.. :lol:

17-05-2015 Sardoal 270 KM Velocidade.

Posted by kevin spencer on May 18, 2015 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The birds have been performing well these last weeks and next week we have the last race in the Meo Fundo or middle distance  and we must do well there to possibly win the silver or bronze ring prizes.

This being said we still need to compete in the other races so we rested a few of our birds and still put a decent team together for this 170 mile race from Sardoal. It was pleasing that we got the first bird in our compound area of 4 lofts together and finished 4th over all in the club race. The next race is the big one and the birds will spend two nights in a basket which is unusual here for a middle distance race. I expect to do well, time will tell. :)

09-05 2015 Race 12 Vilar Formoso 111 Meio Fundo 430 KM

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After last weeks fantastic result we expected the birds to do well again here at Vilar Formoso in the North of Portugal. The weather was very hot and the birds had to have two nights in the basket due to them travelling with the birds going to a Long distance race.

We got three together and the birds have finished 7th 9th and 10th, we classified 12 birds in both of the clubs and our most cosistnt birds have put themselves into Gold and Silver ring positions in the Lagos Club  with just one middle distance race to go this season (in a fortnights time) Nest race is a Velocidade or Sprint race from Sardoal at 165 miles or so.  :)

03-05 2015 Race 11 Talavera Meio Fundo 465 KM

Posted by kevin spencer on May 3, 2015 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The birds seemed to have gotten over their slight respiratory problem, the feathers were silky again and the handled great as I basketed them for this race. The wind was against the birds but only a light wind, we were the furthest drop so we had a slight disadvantage being that our birds would be out in a headwind the longest, the main thing is that the liberation point was far East of every loft in the federation.

This was a race for the whole of the Algarve and we were confident of a good show now we figured we had the birds right again. We expected pigeons around 13-30pm but nothing was arriving anywhere then I got a call to say birds had been clocked at 13.45 around 24 miles away so they would be with us in 30 mins I thought. Just 22 minutes later 3 pigeons were coming towards us and broke for our compound of 4 seperate fanciers lofts. 2 for us and one for one of the othe fanciers, ours hit the board and ran in fresh and he clocked 10 seconds after us.

You need 2 pigeons here in Portugal one on its own is no good so we were very happy, we then heard that nobody else in our area had anything yet so we knew the time was excellent. It turned out a strange race and we take 1st and second in our club and I am hoping to make the top 20 in the whole of the Algarve which would be a feather in our cap as being the longest flyers our birds really should have been buried by the shorter flyers today as the racepoint was fair to all being massively East of all lofts and a light headwind all the way home.  I will update the result when I get it but a few of the club secretaries have made mistakes with the velocities and they will have to be sorted out.  :)

The result of this special middle distance race from Spain  has come through and we finished 28th and 29th out of 10 thousand seven hundred and thity eight pigeons. This is a great result as we are the longest drop in the federation out in the West and our pigeons battled the WSW headwind for the longest time. :)

25-04-2015 Race 10 Alcoleia Del Pinar Fundo 686 KM

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This race was to be the first really hard race of the season it was a strong headwind all the way home for the birds. We were hoping for a reasonable result, the birds were healthy and fed well but we are sending the ones of dubious ability to the Long races this season to learn if they are any good or not.

There were 17 birds on the day in our club and we had 2 of them so that was ok, we finished 8th and 15th.

Next race is the big one from Talavera  :)

19-04-2015 race 9 Vilar Formoso 1 430km Meio Fundo

Posted by kevin spencer on May 3, 2015 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Well we were expecting a return to form with the faster birds going to this race, the feeding was spot on all seemed well but on the last training flight on the Thursday before basket on Saturday one or two of the birds were out flying with another nearby lofts birds and as I was dropping the baskets off I noticed 2 or 3 of them were flying with their beaks open.

I mentioned it to my race partner but we went and looked at the team, their wattles were white they seemed happy enough in themselves, I listened for any sneezing or coughing and looked for scratching of the face or beaks, nothing.

We put it down to being over paranoid and looked forward to the race. On basket night the birds felt great in the body but the feathers were a little dry, we have a problem with the loft design when the wind blows in a certain direction and we have to try and do something to sort it out.

To cut a long story short we were 3 minutes behind the winners , the day after the race one or two of the birds were sneezing and the feathers around the ears were slightly stood away.

The wattles were white but I knew we most likely had a low level upper respiratory problem. I checked them for worms, Canker,cocci , the usual suspect and found them to be clear so we treated the whole flock for Ornithosis. THe few older long distance birds were in a different section and they seemed ok so they were left untreated as they were to go in the baskets in 4 days to a race. We have the big race in a fortnight from Talevera 286 miles so we have to be right for that. Time would tell.

12-04-2015 Race 8 Valladolid 380 miles Fundo.

Posted by kevin spencer on April 12, 2015 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Well we sent the 20 worst birds we have to this race because our loft has mostly young pigeons that need this year to mature before

they take on the long races as the families of Bostyns and Pros roosens need a couple of years to mature. I expected nothing from the birds we sent, we had them right on the money in health and fitness and the feeding was spot on so if they had any ability then they had every chance to show it but I did not believe in them.

3 of the 20 birds came good and we got 2 together and finished 5th and 6th and we actually beat the Long distance champion by a good 3 minutes lol. The race was a hold over but we feed our birds really well for every race and in the case of a long disatnce race our birds will be ok for 72 hours as was the case here.

So next week we are back to middle distance and our best birds will be going there so I expect a very good result......Time will tell.  :)

04-04-2015 Race 7 Guarda 2 250 miles Meio Fundo

Posted by kevin spencer on April 5, 2015 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Well the result was about as good as I expected before the race, due to the birds being a little too full bodied for such a fast race. 8th, 12th, 13th and 17th were the bst positions. Next week it is a long distance race and we only have mediocre birds to send so I do not expect  much from them.

In a fortnight tough the birds are back at middle distance and they will be right back on song thats for sure. :)