Algarve Pigeon racing & Eyesign.

The New Breeding Loft

We have assembled some of the very best Long Distance performance pigeons we can from two old families Pol Bostyns and Pros Roosens and put them in to the new Breeding Centre stock lofts to create a gene pool full of  Hard Race Winners with good Eyesign for Breeding purposes.
 The aim is to Dominate Long Distance and Great Long distance racing in the Algarve Portugal in the very near future.

My Wife and I have been testing pigeons here for the last 3 years and With the help of Myron Kulik my friend from Florida U.S.A,  I think that I have a few Ace Birds with fantastic Genetics  and some Imports from Louella Lofts in the UK and from Jose Ledesma in Spain. We have joined Forces with Jose Rodrigues and His Wife Carol in Lagos and aim to win some races while testing the stock further in the shorter races as yearlings.

Work and further testing is under way right now and we will be up and running very soon with the new arrangement here in the beautiful Algarve in fact racing begins on the 3rd March 2013.

The testing of the late bred yearlings was a total success and we have the Gold ring club champion bird and Silver ring Federation winner already this year in 2013.

Our friend Myron Kulik has come over to the Algarve for a few weeks from Florida and while he is here he is going to personally oversee the matings for the 2014 raceteam. Details of the eye pairs will be on the site some time in the next week when they are mated.